Photo: The Real Tank
  /  02.02.2016

Tank is a veteran R&B artist, who rose as a balladeer, evolved into a group member and is now interested in the turnup. He has a measured take on the music business but a good sense of humor and is willing to play the game to get on the radio, however, once he’s on, he wants fans to them step into his house of traditional R&B.

He recently released his latest collection, Sex, Pain & Love II and sat with The Breakfast Club this mroning (February 2) to talk music, what happened between Tyrese and Ginuwine, plus his days dabbling as a youth.

The Status Of TGT

It ain’t nothing up with me. They nada falling out,they had a fight outside. I told them to stay inside and fight but they went outside. Let’s create a scenario here: You three are TGT. Y’all come together and say, we bonn do a group. Now, lets get down to the business. How should everything be taken care about the business? Let’s be simple. We doing a show. We have a show to do. They gonna pay us whatever amount. Ginuwine has the biggest record of the three of us and the most records sold. Man, listen, I can’t say who don’t believe in in [a 1/3, a 1/3, a 1/3 split] but I just say some people, that box office gets to them. On a certain level, you do have to respect it. His individual bottom line is different than our individual bottom line, but there’s a sacrifice in being in a group. Like I said, thank you, we will go back, as a group, and watch this interview and use this information. I think the post of us looking for a new member or Ginuwne saying we’re not doing it anymore, it spilled over right then and right there and Ginuwine didn’t feel good about Tyrese making that post. And Tyrese put it out there on the business tip, it wasn’t heinous or personal. He was just letting everybody know. It was public. But was it wrong? It was handled (behind the scenes). And it caught everyone off guard but Ginuwine quitting caught me off guard. Tyrese and I always get into it. He did an R&B challenge about cutting features and do real R&B. I was like, who are you talking to? I have a lot of features.

His Take On The State Of R&B & Black Artist Vs. White Artists

If I was born white, things would probably be different. In terms of where the music goes initially. That wasn’t a crack on white people. Because what we do know about the Adeles and Sam Smiths, their people actually show up. I’m not mad at them and I’m not mad at the people that show up. I’m just upset that we don’t show up for each other. We’re not missing the crossover. We don’t need to crossover. We’re in the space we need to be, we just need more support for our own people. Like, there’s no automatic for R&B music. It takes six, seven months to build up one record. I’m trying to sell albums. I can’t sell an album with half a record; I can’t. On the other side of things, they’re able to have three records in the top 10. We’re killing the idea of creating our own superstars and creating that thing where people will show up for quality. We do it all the time for ratchetness.

How He Dabs

No utensils in the salad. You got to have your hands behind your back, if you gonna be with me. Bobbin for apples type. I don’t mind putting my legs up. Not at all. C’mon, man. Get up in here. You gotta have your hands free in case she gets tricky. A tongue ain’t a finger, it’s just not. I was a young man with an older woman and she put me on to things. I still remember the first time! You see me smiling. I was 18, she was 26. I had an Isuzu Rodeo….

It felt compromising at first, but then I let go. It was tickling at first, but 10 mins later….get it, get in there! Get all the way in there.

I had already been dabbling. I was advanced with where my face had been. I was early. When I’m dabbing, that’s what I’m doing. I don’t know what Cam and them are doing.


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