Today (Oct. 19), Billboard reported that the highly publicized legal battle between Megan Thee Stallion and her estranged record label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, has come to an end. According to the outlet, the two parties reached a confidential settlement that will allow them to part ways amicably.

“[They] are pleased to put this matter behind them and move forward with the next chapter of their respective businesses,” said a representative from 1501 Certified. President Carl Crawford also added that he and his company “wish Megan the very best in her life and career.”

The relationship between the two began when the Houston rapper signed with the entity in 2018, joining a T. Farris-curated roster that included artists like Yung Ruler, D-Raww, Kona Lisa, and Railey Rose. Later that year, Megan unveiled her sophomore EP, Tina Snow, which contained the breakout hit “Big Ole Freak.” Subsequently, she bolstered her team after connecting with both 300 Entertainment and Roc Nation for supplementary partnerships.

Things began to sour in 2019 when Crawford revealed that he and Megan weren’t on speaking terms in an interview with Dirty Glove Bastard. “They upset about whatever they upset about. I’m just trying to keep the motion and make sure that business goes well,” he said. “I think I might have said something on social media that irritated them, but at that point, I was past irritated.” In 2020, Megan took her gripes with 1501 Certified public, stating that things stalled after she requested to negotiate her deal.

“When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract,” REVOLT reported her explaining to fans during a livestream. “I was young, I think I was like 20. And, I didn’t know everything that was in that contract. So when I signed with Roc Nation, I got real management, I got real lawyers, and they was like, ‘Do you know this is in your contract?’ I was like, ‘Oh d**n, that’s crazy no I didn’t know.'”