As REVOLT previously reported, officials opened an investigation into the death of Leonard Allan Cure, a Black man who was shot by a Camden County, GA sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop on Monday (Oct. 16). According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), the situation escalated after the 53-year-old was told that he would be arrested over claims of speeding and reckless driving.

“After not complying with the deputy’s requests, the deputy tased Cure. Cure assaulted the deputy. The deputy used the Taser for a second time and an ASP baton; however, Cure still did not comply,” their statement read. “The deputy pulled out his gun and shot Cure. EMTs treated Cure, but he later died.”

On Wednesday (Oct. 18), videos showing both bodycam and dashcam footage of what took place were made available to the public. “I’m not driving, nobody was hurt. How was I speeding?” Cure could be heard asking in both clips, all as the deputy was attempting to initiate an arrest. Upon inquiring why he wasn’t receiving a ticket, the unnamed cop responded by stating that they’re criminal offenses. A scuffle ensued and then the aforementioned weapons were drawn.

“The one thing we vow to do is to turn over every stone to see if they executed your son because they thought his skin color made him a criminal,” said attorney Ben Crump, who is now representing Cure’s family in the case. “He was absolutely not a criminal. It had been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Just because you’re Black, [that] should not be the determining factor of whether you get a death sentence for a traffic stop.”

Back in 2020, Cure was exonerated and released from prison after being wrongfully convicted of armed robbery. He did 16 years behind bars for the offense.