On Monday (Oct. 16) night, a football match between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers became the backdrop for a brief but trending interaction involving JAY-Z. A fan by the name of K Rich approached the rapper and weighed in on the much-debated “dinner with JAY-Z or $500,000?” scenario.

“I’m taking that $500,000. I ain’t taking that dinner. I’m taking that $500,000,” the man told Hov, who was seen holding a tote bag. Given the unexpected encounter, the music mogul had a calm response. He replied, “Be good, man.”

The incident subsequently reignited conversations on social media around the meme, which long stirred debates since it initially surfaced. Interestingly, Rich’s remarks weren’t universally praised. One Instagram user commented, “Bro wasted a very iconic moment with a question Hov didn’t even [answer].”

Another person wrote, “The approach could have been iconic, but the topic threw off the vibes. Just dap the man up and keep [the] conversation you were excitedly having between you and whoever.”

Notably, that wasn’t the only viral interaction of the night involving the New York native. NFL legend and announcer for the match Troy Aikman also brought up a recurring online joke that compared his appearance to Hov. “There’s a meme that’s going around. People think that’s my doppelgänger,” he shared as the camera showed JAY-Z in his suite.

Earlier this month, Aikman confirmed his awareness of the joke during a “Pablo Torre Finds Out” episode. “Yes. I am aware of that,” he said during the podcast. “White JAY-Z. There was a meme. It still pops up on my feed from time to time.”

TIDAL previously urged fans to take the cash in the debate. Meanwhile, 21 Savage was confident he could secure both. “I’ll get both. I was blessed with the gift of gab,” he wrote on Twitter.