Earlier today (Oct. 16), DC Young Fly took to Instagram to reveal that he’s suffered another unfortunate loss within his family. “In a matter of a year, I lost three people — my cousin last August, my girl in May, and my sister a couple days ago,” the comedian said.

He then followed the bad news with a powerful and inspirational message for anyone who is experiencing obstacles of their own. “You just gotta stick through the mission knowing that God got you and he will grant you the strength,” DC added. “Remember, he parted the Red Sea, not make it disappear. The problems are still there, he just allowed you to get through it. Make sure you stay righteous. Don’t hold no grudge because God is love and love will always overcome adversity.”

In a 2022 appearance on “Club Shay Shay,” DC opened up about his siblings and the vast differences in age among them. “I come from an older family. Everybody knows my daddy had me when he was 61,” the “Wild ‘N Out” star explained. “My oldest brother right now, 66… My partner said I got a grandbrother. Listen, man, I got granddaddies, great-niece, I’m a great uncle… I’ve been a great since I was 12.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, the Atlanta native lost his partner and mother of his children, Ms. Jacky Oh, as a result of complications from cosmetic surgery. An autopsy report ruled her manner of death as accidental.

“You are the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW. Your soul was beautiful. You always wanted the best for others, and I admired how our family love each other!” DC expressed shortly after her transition. “We will continue to pray and hold on to our FAITH because that’s all we know! [I] love you forever and our kids are super strong. They helpin’ me wit’ my tranquility, no cap!”