On Nov. 17, Nicki Minaj will mark her return with Pink Friday 2, the sequel to her breakout debut, Pink Friday. The Young Money star spoke on the upcoming effort while chatting to fans on Twitter in July. “Pink Friday 2 is coming to save [and] restore hope in mankind,” she declared. “OMG, Barbz, I love you. I do! Like, when y’all have this masterpiece, y’all gon’ be on.”

During an Instagram livestream on Wednesday (Oct. 11), Nicki confirmed to fans that she’ll be supporting the album with a world tour, and it will be the best that anyone has ever seen.

“Even though this album is called Pink Friday 2, even though we love the nostalgia, all that, etcetera, this will not remind you of another tour. That’s how I’ll say it,” she explained to her supporters. “I mean, it’s gonna be greater than every other tour combined — like this album. And it is what it is. The entire tour will be different… ‘Pink Friday 2 Tour.’ The tickets will go on sale very soon. So I hope y’all are saving. This will be a very different feeling tour, even if you’ve been to every Nicki Minaj tour that’s ever existed.”

Nicki continued, “There are certain things that I always sort of do similar in all my tours. This time, it’s going to be a [completely] different perspective. In addition to it being, of course, a whole new album, the approach to the tour will be very different and the feel of the tour will be very different. We’re still gon’ cover all the ground that is required to cover in order for y’all to know that you f**king with the best, but I’m just saying it won’t remind you of another tour. Maybe that’s what I’m trying to say.”