This season of “Receipts” — REVOLT’s comedic game show that spotlighted Black creators with eye-opening talents — has made us laugh, question, and contemplate. Moreover, the Walmart-sponsored series has given everyone viewing at home a reason to think more intentionally about their own interests after seeing the devotion each featured guest has poured into their respective pursuits.

In the show’s inaugural season, viewers heard from individuals with a captivating range of interests, including everything from extreme sports to horseback riding and skating rink exploits. Regardless of their varied areas of expertise, what made them similar was that they each exemplified Black and Unlimited — Walmart’s platform that aims to inspire everyday people to reach their full potential by pursuing their favorite hobbies. And in the season finale, the featured shopper of the week proved she was no exception.

Siana Altiise is a Miami native who described herself as nomadic, innovative, and determined. She’s developed her hidden skill for over a decade after initially diving into it to face a deep-seated fear. As with every episode of “Receipts,” it was up to the celebrity contestants to determine Altiise’s life-changing passion by pondering the items in her fictitious shopping cart.

Quincy Brown was back again to round out the season as host and contestant. The multihyphenate entertainer has been on a hot streak in recent episodes, notching back-to-back wins in contests against Romeo Miller and Emmanuel Hudson. This week, the challenger who hoped to take his place on the “Receipts” throne was none other than comedian Lala Milan.

Before she made a name for herself on Instagram feeds across the country, Milan made ends meet by working in cosmetology, insurance, and retail. Her aspirations for more led her to Instagram and YouTube, where she amassed a loyal following who flocked to her accounts to see her latest sketches and characters. In 2022, her internet virality paved the way to the silver screen, where she took on the role of Elle in BET’s holiday comedy The First Noelle. The comedian brought good vibes, high energy, and more than a few jokes to the “Receipts” set. The question was would she also come through with the detective skills to match?

Once the game was underway, Brown and Milan both got off to strong starts. Altiise delivered a series of clues to steer each celeb toward hidden items on her hypothetical Walmart receipt. With each correct guess, a new item was unveiled, and the contestants got another step closer to (hopefully) unveiling Altiise’s secret.

The task at hand proved to be easier said than done. As the game wore on, the celeb duo uncovered an assortment of items, including sunscreen, a knife, towel, and a volleyball. To make matters a tad more complicated, the potential list of talents the contestants had to choose from included an array of water-based pastimes like snorkeling, synchronized swimming, and scuba diving.

Tune into the final episode of season one here to see if Brown or Milan were able to wade through the clues and decipher Altiise’s secret. Or, take things a step further and play along to see if you can get to the bottom of it before they do!