An ongoing investigation is underway following the on-campus shooting of two young men at Bowie State University. The frightening scene unfolded Saturday (Oct. 7) evening at the culmination of homecoming week at the public historically Black university located in Bowie, Maryland.

“It’s unfortunate that we are here to address another act of violence on a college campus during one of the most celebrated weekends of the year for the staff, students, and alumni on an HBCU campus,” said Colonel Roland L. Butler, superintendent of the Maryland Department of State Police, in a Sunday (Oct. 8) press conference.

Two male victims were found outside the Center for Business and Graduate Studies after multiple shots were fired around 11:45 p.m. They were transported to an area hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds that are believed to be non-life-threatening, said Butler. While the identities of the 19-year-old men have been withheld from the public, it was confirmed that neither is a student at Bowie or Morgan State University, which was the scene of the shooting on Oct. 3 that left five people injured. Police have since released information about multiple persons of interest believed to be connected to the incident.

“We believe there are no further threats to the campus or to the public at this point. We also believe the shooting was an isolated incident. Again, there is no threat to the public at this time,” added Butler. Descriptions of suspects are being withheld, though it was confirmed during the press conference that an unspecified weapon was recovered from the location of the shooting.

“For a week, our campus was filled with nothing but happiness and joy,” said university President Aminta Breaux of the atmosphere surrounding homecoming. “Our campus community is very much a peaceful community, and so this is not normal for Bowie State University.” Classes for the state’s oldest HBCU, which was founded in 1865, have been canceled for Monday (Oct. 9), and 24-hour counseling support has been made available to the campus community as they heal.

Anyone with information related to the incident is implored to provide tips to the police via 301-860-4688. Authorities are also seeking social media recordings captured as gunfire erupted.