Come February, Marlon Wayans’ name better be on the invite list for the annual pre-Grammy Roc Nation Brunch, or else he is taking matters into his own hands.

The White Chicks actor has had enough of being snubbed access to the event that boasts several of the who’s who of the entertainment industry. The likes of JAY-Z and Beyoncé, Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, Offset, Lil Kim, Chloe and Halle Bailey, Coco Jones, and other notable celebrities have all been welcomed to the swanky gathering, which entered its 12th year in 2023 — all except for Wayans, who has been among the stars of Hollywood for decades.

Wayans previously addressed his absence from the exclusive event when he appeared on “Drink Champs” in May. “He won’t let me in the got d**n Grammy party! I can’t get in the dinner. I can’t get in the Grammy party,” jokingly said Wayans about JAY-Z’s failure to invite him to his various functions. When N.O.R.E. corrected the comedian, noting that the dinner is actually an Oscar party, Wayans exclaimed, “I can’t get in there, either!”

In a new interview for “BigBoyTV,” he again found a way to humorously address the chip on his shoulder. The stand-up comic and Big Boy spoke about being left off the invite list despite their seemingly good rapport with the billionaire mogul. Earlier this year, Wayans joked, “I only want to be close to JAY-Z so I can get a gander at Beyoncé.”

During their Friday (Oct. 6) conversation, he and Big banded together to create a solution to their dilemma — to host their own brunch. “And let’s not invite JAY,” quipped Wayans before both he and Big laughed. “Nah, I’m inviting JAY; he’s on my list,” he said. Big added, “He not gon’ show up anyway. Yeah, you know, behind your back, I was going to invite him… I was just going to take this fake a** stance with you.”

The actor continued, “Let’s do a brunch because there’s so many people talking about how they ain’t invited to the brunch. ‘The Uninvited Roc Nation Brunch,’ the brunch for the other guys. So me, you, LL Cool J, Snoop. We do the ‘Alright N**ga Brunch.’ We ain’t rockin’ out — we aight! We got enough money to be aight, and you ain’t gotta wear a dope suit. You can wear Zara suits. Everybody wear Zara suits. You can’t spend over $150 for your suit. No real jewelry — everything fake.”

You can watch the rest of Wayans’ jokes fly in the full interview below.