Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade discussed “Big Facts” on today’s (Oct. 5) installment with Miami actor and rapper Khaotic. The “Appreciate Me” lyricist made his debut on the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” franchise in 2019 and has simultaneously been creating his own lane in the music world. The former street entrepreneur redirected the trajectory of his lifestyle because of the revolving door in and out of jail. Being gunned down twice with a total of 17 bullets hitting his body was also a factor. “The streets don’t love nobody,” the reality star noted. “You could be the realest n**ga in the world, but once your a** is [unalived], they gonna forget how real you was,” he continued. Khaotic revealed that music and acting are what he is most passionate about, and he stopped smoking and drinking to progress with a clear mind. Unfortunately, the emcee admitted he faced backlash from people in his neighborhood who were uncomfortable with him stepping away from his normal habits and activities.

The Miami content creator has had several viral moments on social media. However, on “Big Facts,” he noted his boundaries on what should be done to be seen. The South Florida influencer isn’t fond of people being hurt or harmed just for views and likes. “As long as it’s funny content, it’s cool,” he encouraged.

Moreover, there was full transparency when Khaotic started explaining his interactions with women in the industry. Although currently dating “Buss It” rapper Erica Banks, he admitted to having relations with other women. “Erica Banks is the front and center of my life. But, sometimes, I relapse to them old drugs that I used to take,” the entertainer explained using metaphors to insinuate that he sees other ladies from time to time. The “On Go” emcee revealed to “Big Facts” that he’s tried to get Banks into the idea of a polyamorous lifestyle, but they’re still working out the details. He acknowledged how healthy their actual friendship is beyond any other level of intimacy.

Baby Jade tackled the disagreement Khaotic had with co-star and friend Bambi on an episode of “Love and Hip Hop.” Plus, the requirements of unconditional love were debated. Khaotic explained that there is a line when it comes to being a reality TV star and their personal lives. “And a lot of people cross that line in the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ world,” he noted. The Miami native also disagreed with couples allowing financial gain, the media, and friendships to dictate the foundation and strength of marriages. The budding artist suggested that the things said during personal disputes that bleed into onscreen work can cause a fumble in other opportunities. “The s**t you say can kind of f**k up the money a n**ga make to pay you in child support,” he expressed. Bringing the conversation back to unconditional love, Khaotic praised couples like Rasheeda and Kirk Frost as well as Yandy and Mendeecees Harris. He complimented his colleagues on overcoming adversity as they faced major challenges throughout the years of their careers in reality TV. “All them motherf**kers that was on that show for 10 or five years plus that still together and didn’t let none of the TV tear they s**t up,” Khaotic exclaimed.

Furthermore, the reality star reassured viewers that as Lil Scrappy’s friend, he would never disrespect his children’s mother Bambi. However, apparently, Bambi’s ex-friends, Erica Mena and Sierra Gates, didn’t have the same level of consideration for Scrappy in the past. After certain episodes aired, it was revealed that the three women were no longer acquainted. “Y’all break up each other’s marriages, then y’all broke up y’all friendship. What in the toxic is going on?” he asked rhetorically.

Music, movies, and television are what we can expect next from the South Florida native. He showed gratitude to the beloved hosts Baby Jade, DJ Scream, and Big Bank, calling them “prolific.” Khaotic acknowledged that being on the esteemed podcast reminds him he is on the right path.

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