Monica has made it abundantly clear that she will address unnecessary foolishness without a second of doubt, even if that means interrupting a performance to course-correct an out-of-pocket fan. Viral footage of the singer checking a male concertgoer after he allegedly hit a female attendee proves just that.

Last night (July 22), the “Letters” songstress was among the acts billed to perform at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit. While onstage, she happened to notice a man strike a woman. Without hesitation, Monica reprimanded the alleged aggressor. “No, don’t you hit her like that. Listen, listen, listen, if y’all don’t get that n-word up out of here. We [not] even supposed to play like that. You ain’t no n-word like that. Is you out [of] your f**king mind?” she asked as she stood onstage with her attention fully directed at the unidentified person.

Monica then jumped off the stage as security closely followed behind her. Among the sea of cellphones and onlookers, she is seen speaking directly to the man about his actions. In one clip, she is heard saying, “You don’t hit no f**king lady like that,” directly into the mic. The audience then erupted into applause for the singer, as some were heard demanding that the man be removed from the venue.

Fans have known for some time now that Monica can flip into “Goonica” mode the moment someone steps out of line, whether in her personal life or, as observed, with a stranger. The nickname comes as no surprise given that she sang, “Kick down your door and smack ya chick,” in her 2003 hit collaboration with Missy Elliott, “So Gone.”

Last year, during a Q&A with Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, she explained the origins of the moniker that she wears as a badge of honor. “Believe it or not, it started as an insult. It was like ‘Goonica’ or ‘Glockica.’ It was supposed to be an insult, but I was never insulted. I don’t play about my family, my business, my integrity, [or] the people I love,” explained Monica. Needless to say, the man at the center of the viral moment definitely met her alter ego.