Keke Palmer has had enough of fans telling her that her son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson, looks nothing like her. Today (July 15), she set out to prove once and for all that she did more than carry the little one for nine months. “The lies end today,” she exclaimed in an Instagram post showing off side-by-side baby photos of herself and Leo.

“I’m done! This seals it all. We [may] not [have] the same complexion, but the features are there. I rest my case! My baby is my twin; now stop being color-struck and get into the actual face,” continued the caption, which was punctuated with a series of laughing emoji.

As much as the Big Boss songstress may have wanted fans to side with her, it was evident that most still struggled to see the “twin” features. “You won the Usher battle, but your baby’s father won this one,” wrote one person. “I ain’t gone cap, Keke. I don’t see it. Baby father got this one,” read a second comment. And a third person chimed in with, “Keke, baby, he got ya lips, but [you] gone have to sit this one out like ya genes did.” A fourth person suggested that maybe Leo just needed to grow into his Palmer features with time.

The Nope actress confirmed pregnancy rumors in December 2022 when she hosted “Saturday Night Live.” The proud first-time mother gave birth to her son in February. The 4-month-old’s father, Darius Jackson, recently faced a media frenzy when he attempted to shame Palmer over the sexy outfit she donned to an Usher concert in Las Vegas. She seemingly hit back with the release of two new shirts, one that says “I’m a Motha” and the other “I’m Stevie to the Bulls**t,” on her online website.

Get into Keke and Leo’s “twinning” moment below.