Gentry Beach is a businessman who also served as a groomsman at Donald Trump Jr.’s wedding. Beach has been part of a yearslong court case in which he’s been fighting to keep past emails private. Unfortunately for him, excerpts of those electronic documents were just publicly released.

According to an article published today (June 16) by Forbes, Trump Jr. is now at the center of highly offensive emails reportedly sent to his hunting buddy Beach nearly 15 years ago. The outlet noted that Beach’s private conversations could be considered public court records because he potentially exposed a past employer to reputational harm. The former groomsman attempted to redact Trump Jr.’s name from the messages, but the request was seemingly denied.

In one court transcript, Trump Jr. was upset that one of his friends was “encourag[ing] Mexicans to come to the U.S. and giv[ing] them another excuse to not learn English.” Beach responded, “I’m going to park [my son] at the border with a s**t pile of ammo.” The emails were sent between 2005 and 2008, and more could become public if New York Judge Andrea Masley decides they are relevant to the case. Forbes added that several emails have been “at least partially redacted.” Trump Jr. also allegedly complained about the number of Black people moving to Manhattan, claiming it was beginning to look like Harlem. “I hear the theme song of ‘The Jeffersons’ playing in the background,” he wrote.

During their conversations, it was also reported that the term “w**backs” was used in reference to Hispanic people. “Donald Trump Jr. is all the proof you need that the racist a**hole doesn’t fall far from the racist a**hole tree,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “Donald Trump Jr. is a fascinating example of how you can be born to both an immigrant and a billionaire and still somehow have the mind of a poor uneducated racist redneck.”

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