Normani is embarking on her next chapter with new music and partnerships.

On Thursday (June 15), Billboard shared its recent interview with the Atlanta native, where she detailed her latest endeavors, including a collaboration with Bose. “I’m really excited to partner with Bose,” the 27-year-old performer said over the phone.

Based in Massachusetts, the audio company is known for capturing music lovers with its headphones and speakers. “In terms of my career and my music, I know the wait has been extensive, but it’s definitely going to be worth it, and I just feel like the partnership couldn’t have come at a better time,” she added. Today, the brand released a dance-themed commercial starring the “Motivation” songstress. In the ad, Normani previewed her upcoming single, “Candy Paint.”

Regarding the commercial, Normani mentioned that Bose allowed her to have creative control, and it felt “authentic and enjoyable.” Speaking on the inspiration behind “Candy Paint,” Normani revealed, “It’s Texas, all the way! I really wanted to create a record that allowed me to show my personality. I feel like there’s a misconception; it probably has everything to do with my social media,” she noted before adding, “I think that people think I’m so serious, which is the complete opposite. Anybody that really knows me knows that I’m really funny. I’m a goofball! I love to twerk. I’m just regular.”

She continued,” I really wanted to create a record that encompassed that and allowed my personality to shine. It’s a performance record first, which I know my fans have been waiting for, for a very long time.” Along with the track being “fun, energetic, [and] bossy,” Normani shared it’s “bold [and] sassy but assertive. And yeah, I’m really excited to shoot the music video.”

Before “Candy Paint,” Normani’s most recent singles were “Fair” in 2022 and “Wild Side” featuring Cardi B in 2021.