Residents in various Kentucky neighborhoods have reported seeing flyers believed to be left by Ku Klux Klan members. The sheets were found over the weekend and claim to be from the Trinity White Knights branch of the organization.

The KKK, as the group is more commonly known, is an American white supremacist, right-wing terrorist, and hate gang that primarily targets individuals of color. One flyer read, “Neighborhood watch. YOU CAN SLEEP SOUND TONIGHT. THE KLAN IS AWAKE! Are you having problems in your neighborhood? Report crime and drug dealers.” Another said, “Bring GOD back in our schools. End all forms of CRT. Demolish the idea [of] turning our young men into queers. Parents take control of our schools. Remove all filth from school libraries. Two gender policies. End the presence of men in the girls’ room. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Parents, take your stand. Join the Klan.”

According to an article shared today (June 12) by the Lexington Herald-Leader, local police confirmed some of the KKK flyer sightings in areas of Kentucky. Mt. Sterling authorities said the messages were left on vehicles yesterday (June 11) morning. More were discovered in a Holly Hills subdivision and along Pines on Main. Authorities are now investigating the incident. Montgomery County Judge-Executive Chris Haddix shared that he also received the letters. Haddix asserted, “Any group that’s founded on hate, we obviously denounce that.” The MSPD added, “We have copies of the flyers, so feel free to throw yours in the trash, where they belong. The MSPD and city of Mt. Sterling does not tolerate any kind of hate or bigotry in our community.”

Meanwhile, on social media, social justice activist and influencer Tizzy posted a video on Friday (June 9) of an incident in Corbin, Kentucky allegedly involving the Klan. In the clip, a Pride protest organizer clashed with a white man who reportedly pulled “a KKK membership card” from his wallet. The altercation went from verbal to physical, and the hate-spewing individual pulled out a gun. Tizzy claimed police intervened but “walked him back over to his pickup truck,” then “handed him his gun back, and they sent him on his merry way.”

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