A 35-year-old woman was recently caught sexting and providing alcohol and drugs to teens. She was subsequently arrested. After being taken into custody, Amanda Dorrough, better known as “Taz” to her underaged friends, allegedly told Washington state officials that she identified as a 15-year-old boy.

According to an article published yesterday (May 25) by Fox News, the Port Angeles Police Department claimed Dorrough had plans to flee to Seattle with the teens. Before she could evade authorities, she was taken into custody and charged with unlawful harboring of minors. May 4 is when school administrators first learned of the alarming issue.

The vice principal at Port Angeles High School alerted police after two students came forward with concerns and reportedly confessed to their plan to run away with the adult. The school’s vice principal was told that eight students would spend time with Dorrough in a “gully near a church.” It was later revealed that police had already received approximately 10 reports on Dorrough’s inappropriate interactions with various teens, and the incidents dated back to April 11. Before the school administrator came forward with the accusations, the suspect’s apartment was searched on May 2.

Authorities showed up to the 35-year-old’s residence and heard movement inside, but no one answered the door. Officers were unable to get inside, however, during the raid, they observed three teens ​​”running through the parking lot away from Dorrough’s apartment.” Cops searched near the church gully where the suspect was found with several minors. Before her arrest, she allegedly told police “she feels like teenagers ‘understand’ her better” and that “she ‘identifies’ better with teenage kids.” According to a police report, “two empty condom packets, one unopened condom, a bra, and an empty cigarette packet with a lighter” was recovered in the area where Dorrough hung out with the kids.