This season of “Black Girl Stuff” thus far has truly been filled with a bit of something for everyone — from interviews with celebrities such as Reginae Carter and Woody McClain to segments focused on social media’s biggest updates. This week’s episode featured exclusive interviews with Queen Naija and Jozzy, and discussions about hitting reset, petty phrases, and plenty more.

As always, you can catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on the REVOLT TV channel and every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET on here, our YouTube channel and app. Get into the episode nine recap below!

1. I Just Think It’s Funny How…

To kick off the episode, the ladies dove into discussing some of the phrases every man hates to hear from their woman. Hall said, “I’m real petty. I love to use those little terms. Like, ‘I think it’s funny how…’ And I’m coming with it. He know like immediately when you hear me say that it’s about to come with something, so definitely. That’s one of my favorites.”

Renee talked about her experiences growing up with a lot of male friends who she later found out weren’t really friends. She said, “I actually grew up with a lot of guy friends and I had guys that I considered my brother. But like, in my early 20s, when I was dating in a relationship, my ex was like, ‘Um, no, that’s not your brother. They would definitely try you if they had the opportunity to.’ But, I was like, ‘No, he’s never tried me. So he’s really like a brother.’ You know? And I don’t sleep with my brothers so…but I did grow older [and] notice that they did. Some of them did try me.”

Hall agreed with the guys when it comes to someone being “like a brother.” She said, “I feel like the guys on this one. I ain’t gonna lie, I kind of hate hearing females say that because it’s like, sis, if you pull up at the right time you might be with whatever he with. That ain’t your brother. I don’t really like that either. So I’m with y’all fellas on this one.”

Renee also discussed how she’d feel if the roles were reversed, and it was her man with a “sister-like” friendship. She stated, “It’s a very thin line. I want to be involved at all times. I want to be able to hang out with y’all and not feel weird, but… the issue is I don’t want my man to feel more comfortable confiding in another woman when I’m who you lay with every night. You tell me what you tell her since she shouldn’t know nothing that I don’t know.”

2. Jozzy Drops Free Game

If you aren’t familiar with Jozzy, you’re certainly familiar with her pen. She’s been in the industry for years writing hits for artists such as Beyonce and Summer Walker. Most recently, she became the first artist signed to Diddy’s new label, Love Records.

When asked about how she felt during a writer’s camp where Diddy wasn’t feeling the songs she was writing, she admitted, “No, it’s so crazy because I was about to leave. I was like, ‘Oh, he doesn’t like nothing I’m writing. I’m gonna just leave.’ And then my boy was like, ‘Come meet him.’ And I think when he met me… he was just trying to figure out who was gonna do those songs that I was writing. And then when I started playing it, and I started, and he liked it. I started playing stuff that I wanted to do for me as an artist. He’s like, ‘Oh, you’re an artist. If you tailor it for you, then I understand it more.’ Like, it was kind of foreign to him for a minute because he’s been the sound right now. It’s super Neo-Soul.”

Jozzy also talked about how she’s able to handle criticism from someone like Diddy. “Now that I’m like an established songwriter, like, you can’t tell me my stuff ain’t hot. I’m making hits now,” the artist boasted. “I’m gonna hit. But like, I love Puff because I know his lineage. I know he knows what he’s talking about. So what was so funny when I did ‘Songs For Women,’ which I did the whole project in five days in The Bahamas…the last day he came in, he was like, ‘What the f***?’ and he couldn’t say nothing about the project…now…I’m a little nervous to play early product for him. I like to have everything situated and presented to him in the right way.”

When asked about any free game she had to offer men out there, Jozzy offered some valuable advice: “Don’t lie, please. I feel like what’s so good about a woman… intuition. I always say this. I live by this. Her intuition is crazy…If she’s asking questions, more than likely, she knows. Every time I’m honest and transparent with her, I get what I want. And every time she’s honest, she gets what she wants. That trust is everything, and I’m really big on it. And I feel like guys, they be so afraid to hurt your feelings…they lie. They’ll lie to not hurt your feelings. But then, it’s like you go hurt her feelings. So you might as well keep it real.”

3. Queen Naija Keeps It Real About Family

Queen Naija has come a long way from her YouTube days. In her latest song, she sings about a special someone putting a ring on her finger, and the ladies asked if those lyrics are reminiscent of her real life. The star said, “No, no, no, no because we’re probably gonna get married someday…but it’s a lot of men out there that can relate to them (the lyrics). A lot of women too… But a lot of the men…they don’t want to commit. They will still want to be outside and play around and got kids…”

Naija also talked about co-parenting with her ex, Chris Sails. She continued, “You just think about the kid. It’s really not about the mom or the dad. It’s really about the kid and…it’s about what they see. And, like, I feel like the kid should always see their parents get along, and they should never know what’s going on. They shouldn’t hear the argument or the back and forth or whatever. It’s really just about the kid. So when you think about your baby, [it] is easy to do.”

She was also open about her family’s issues and what they’ve done to combat them. She said, “My mom just came and visited me. Last month, we got therapy. I heavily, heavily believe in therapy. I’m really happy we did it. We got to a point where everybody could really admit their wrongs and things like that… You only get one mom, right? If you have issues, try to work that out. I highly, highly recommend therapy, though.”

4. Demetria Obilor Makes Her Return To Share Some Big News

Demetria Obilor is a “Black Girl Stuff” alum and joined the panel to talk about her newest show, “Stopping Traffic.” “REVOLT is giving me my own show, you guys! It’s a dream come true,” the personality said. “You know my background, ‘traffic bae’ and all of that. But, it really is so surreal, I can’t even believe it. We’re in production right now… Thank you for all of the support, I was able to gain so many new skills talking with you guys and getting personal. That was new for me! Putting it out there like that and being vulnerable and real on camera. And I’m so grateful to REVOLT for giving me the opportunity.”

5. Affirmations After Dark

A recent study showed that 88 percent of Black women experience burnout at different levels. Hall chimed in about a time she had to hit reset in her life. She opened up, “My hardest reset in my life was when my mom passed away. She was my hairstylist, she was my best friend, she was my everything… The night before she passed away, I had finally did my own hair, and I never really wore my hair natural. I always had weaves, sew-ins, all the things, and then I was like, ‘I’m gonna do my hair and go over there and see her’ because she wasn’t feeling good and I’m like this will make her happy… The next day I went over there, my mom had passed away. The hard reset was me shaving my hair completely off. It was something I really needed to just, like, let go.”