REVOLT is back with yet another fun and must-see episode of “Receipts,” our brand-new game show produced in collaboration with Walmart that celebrates the unique talents of everyday Black consumers. Today (May 16), host Desi Banks faces off against multifaceted comedian, actress and entrepreneur B. Simone to uncover the secret talent of a new Walmart shopper.

Like Banks, Simone earned a permanent spot on our collective Instagram feeds with her comedic and relatable lifestyle content. That notoriety led to her landing a spot as a regular cast member on six seasons of Nick Cannon’s hit MTV improv show, “Wild ‘N Out,” before she ultimately parlayed her success into a growing list of ventures including stand-up comedy, acting roles in multiple feature films (Scheme Queens, Finding Happy), her own beauty line, and her increasingly popular show “The Know For Sure Pod.” With all that in mind, it’s clear that Simone is the perfect co-star for a series that’s all about celebrating Black people with an abundance of interests and gifts.

“Receipts” is inspired by Black and Unlimited — Walmart’s platform that highlights the boundless potential of Black people to succeed at whatever passions they pursue. Each episode in the six-part series is rooted in the idea that something as simple as a receipt can show you what a person cares about the most if you take a moment to read between the lines.

This week’s show features Darrius Anderson, a 21-year-old from Florida by way of Atlanta, GA. Throughout the episode, he brings a laid-back demeanor to the “Receipts” studio, but also doesn’t hesitate to throw a few playful jabs in Banks’ direction when the opportunity arises. Anderson’s hidden passion involves the use of a wrench and liquid wax, and with each additional item revealed in his hypothetical shopping cart, Simone and Banks hope to get a step closer to uncovering his secret passion.

From the moment the show kicks off, it’s apparent that there’s a strong rapport between the comedic celeb contestants. Their strong on-screen chemistry dates back to 2018 when Banks and Simone co-starred in a day-in-the-life vlog series, “The B. Simone and Desi Show.” From there, the pair decided to take the show on the road with Banks performing alongside Simone on her very successful multi-city “You’re My Boooyfriend” comedy tour.

After a few pleasantries, Banks and Simone dive right into the first round of gameplay. Banks jumps out to an early lead on Simone and makes it clear that he brought a different level of focus to the friendly competition after taking an L at the hands of R&B singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger in the show’s premiere episode. After three heated rounds of gameplay and a brief break in the action, Anderson returns to reveal his hidden skill, prompting the celebrity contestants to close out the episode with a meme-worthy conclusion that you won’t want to miss.

You can tune in to the latest episode of “Receipts” here to see how your inference skills stack up against Desi Banks and B. Simone! Watch now.