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  /  05.04.2023

The road to success is rarely a straight one, but certain moments make the difficult journey worthwhile. On “DEPOSIT$,” Brook England sits with celebrities and influencers for intimate conversations about their first major life-changing payday — their “Mama, I made it!” moment. 

The show’s impressive guest list includes Grammy Award winner DJ Drama, record executive and mogul Dame Dash, acclaimed pop culture journalist Van Lathan, and more.

England is a skilled multihyphenate whose projects span from her extensive video and field production background to acting in TV and film. England channels her love of communication and becomes invested in every guest’s story as they get candid about the lessons learned while coming into major cash. 

REVOLT sat down with Brook England to learn more about what fuels her business acumen and her personal journey as the host of REVOLT Podcast Network Original “DEPOSIT$.” Read the exclusive chat below.


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What excites you most about diving into the intersection of business and entertainment? 

What excites me most about diving into the intersection of business and entertainment is creating something of value that is also relatable. We’ll be able to look back on “DEPOSIT$” 10, 20 years from now and it will have the same value. The interviews will still be entertaining, and they will still inspire those going after a dream or goal to hold on. That day is coming and when that day comes, here are some mistakes to avoid and ideas to multiply your money.

What do you learn while speaking to guests about their life-changing payday moments? 

The guests have taught me to always move with intention. Always make sure you are either investing into yourself, a business, or the next dream. And once you come into that big check, always make your next move your best move!

You have an extensive background in video production and the performing arts. How do you translate that experience into hosting a podcast?

Storytelling is my passion and that passion translates to any medium I pursue. So for me, podcasting is no different. I want to tell a story with the guests that is both entertaining and informative.


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You interview successful people from all walks of life, including educational backgrounds. How much of your own success do you attribute to book smarts vs. street smarts? 

I attribute both to my success. Whether you are self-educated or formally educated, it’s beneficial to have knowledge. Then, being able to maneuver in certain situations is what you learn from your environment. Both have been equally important to my journey.

When was your first major payday and how did you handle it?

My first big payday is still on the way! Even though I have yet to accomplish the financial milestones of the guests, hearing their stories is motivation for me and those like me listening! I envision my future and the things I will invest in. I know it’s coming because I’m doing the work! Big “DEPOSIT$” are on the way to me!


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What is an important lesson you’ve learned that you carry in your career? 

An important lesson I learned in my career is that relationships are currency. The more relationships you have, the more opportunities you can create. That’s a major key and keys open doors. 

What can people who are still hustling toward their “Mama, I made it” moment do to stay motivated? 

Just keep going. Your moment has no other choice but to manifest if you don’t quit.  


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