On today’s (April 27) episode of “Big Facts,” Big Bank, DJ Scream and Baby Jade hosted a two-part interview with magician T-Magic and Memphis-based dentist Dr. Anthony Price. T-Magic birthed his magical career in the hoods of Chicago and migrated his thriving brand to Tennessee. Dr. Price was introduced as the dentist responsible for Big Bank’s million-dollar smile that he debuted just a few short months ago. Today’s discussion was impressively unique and entertaining.

Very rarely do you find a brother of color who wants to be an entertainer of illusions. T-Magic started his career about 13 years ago as a result of not having many Black figures he could look up to. “I actually never seen no real superheroes in the hood, no real role models. So, I said, ‘S**t, I can create my own’ and I came up with T-Magic,” the celebrity magician explained. His younger brother, Marshall, was also a huge motivation for him. He made his best efforts to captivate Marshall’s attention to steer him away from street life. T-Magic aimed to show his sibling that he could take anything and make it into what he wanted. Unfortunately, T-Magic lost his brother to gun violence but keeps his name alive in every show.

He left Big Bank and Baby Jade speechless with his mini performances of tricks. Simultaneously, he elaborated on the perks and obstacles of being a Black magician coming from an urban background. It is satisfying to the famed entertainer that he will never be forgotten by the people in his community, “Oh, that’s the dude that do the magic shows,” he said confidently. On the contrary, his friends from his old neighborhood used to ridicule him when he wanted to present a new trick as their goals differed; they were more focused on being successful in the streets. However, those same friends reach out to him to perform at their children’s birthday parties. “I got to tax they a** now, but it is what it is,” the entrepreneur continued.

T-Magic’s end goal is to open play centers in every city and name them Marshall’s World. “I have already done it before when I moved to Memphis. It’s a big facility filled with bouncy houses, different theme rooms, and game trucks. That’s the end goal, to have my brand Marshall’s World just like a Chuck E. Cheese,” the budding star revealed. In addition, he has unique ideas for his new facilities that will include laser tag rooms and rock climbing for teenagers.

Furthermore, although late to the YouTube game, he does have a channel called “I Am T-Magic and Friends.” His episodes consist of content that teaches children their ABCs, 123s, days of the week, love, and respect. “Teaching about all that cool s**t in a magical way,” the celebrity magician explained.

As mentioned, Dr. Anthony Price, who specializes in cosmetic dental restoration, was featured in part two of this week’s episode. From the vibes of the dental office to the results of his brand-new smile, Big Bank spoke highly of his experience with the prominent Memphis Dentist. “I had a vision for my office, which was to create something different. It’s not like your grandparents’ dental office. I wanted to create a place where people can come in relax and not be judged by nobody — it’s a nonjudgment zone in my practice,” he elaborated. A graduate of Meharry Medical College, an illustrious HBCU in Nashville, Tennessee, he expressed his gratitude for the experiences and things he’s been through in his 14 years of dentistry, as they prepared him for the procedure he had to do on Big Bank, which was not an easy one. Being Memphis-based, one of his specialties is in removing gold teeth from his patients’ mouths, as many of them are in the entertainment business. However, he admitted that removing Bank’s gold was a genuine challenge. “It was a lot to do; it wasn’t just throwing in some teeth,” the dental guru explained.

Moreover, DJ Scream mentioned how oral hygiene can affect the overall health of your body. As an oral health care provider, Dr. Price explained that they can tell the state of someone’s health just by looking into their mouth since it is the primary gateway to the body. He emphasized the importance of seeing your dentist every four to six months to avoid other health complications.

Check out “I Am T-Magic and Friends” on YouTube and Dr. Anthony Price’s dental office in Memphis. Also, be sure to tune in every Thursday for new episodes of “Big Facts,” and if you enjoyed this recap, don’t miss the latest episode available here.