Today (April 27), the world received shocking news regarding the death of an entertainer that many of us grew up watching. As previously reported by REVOLT, famed television host Jerry Springer passed away at the age of 79 after battling a “brief illness,” a family spokesperson said. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just months ago and died peacefully in his Chicago home.

The former mayor of Cincinnati reigned supreme as his long-running self-titled “Jerry Springer” show was a hit on daytime TV for nearly three decades. Viewers would tune in for his guests’ off-the-wall antics and topics such as “A Man Marries a Horse” and “Dude, Try a Transsexual.” Audience members would notoriously chant, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry” when things got too weird and it was time for the host to intervene. Fans are still trying to process the massive loss.

“The ‘Jerry Springer’ show was so unhinged. He would have racist bigots, cheating midgets, [down low] men sleeping with transsexuals, and sister wives all on the same show, fighting for an entire hour. Then he would end the show with a positive quote. King of mess, truly,” one person tweeted. “Say what you will about Jerry Springer, but nobody else would invite KKK members onstage so guests could punch them in the face. Respect,” a person said about an episode titled “Viewers Battle the Klan.”

Others remembered how skipping school on a “sick day” would mean watching the drama play out. “RIP, Jerry Springer. He was there every sick day growing up,” a fan said. Another wrote, “No, not Jerry! [That] man felt like an uncle in the Black household.” His episodes were so iconic, he became a pop culture staple. “Never forget when Dr. Evil and his son Scott were reunited by Jerry Springer,” a fan said of the host appearing in a scene from the 1999 film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. He was also featured in an episode of the ‘90s sitcom “The Wayans Bros.”

See others sharing their favorite memories below.