The COVID pandemic led to a rise in hate crimes against Asians in the U.S., including a string of tragic shootings in the Atlanta area in March 2021. An 18-year-old Indiana University student was on the receiving end of a violent targeted attack in January 2023, and the person responsible is now facing consequences for the hate crime.

The Department of Justice announced Thursday (April 20) that 56-year-old Billie Davis of Bloomington, Indiana was charged with a federal hate crime in relation to the incident, per CNN. Davis was previously charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery after the Jan. 11 attack. According to court documents, the assailant admitted that she stabbed the unnamed student, who is of Chinese descent, because of her race. It all happened on a Bloomington city bus, and video showed that the confrontation was unprovoked. The student recovered from injuries in the hospital and survived.

The DOJ’s indictment claimed that Davis “willfully caused bodily injury to the victim and attempted to do so using a knife because of the victim’s race and national origin.” Davis’ intention was clear, the department said, as the assault allegedly included “an attempt to kill the victim.” Because Indiana is one of four states that lack a comprehensive hate crime law, the federal government had to step in to bring the charge forward. According to the AP, her lawyer is seeking an insanity defense in the case.

James Wimbush, Indiana University’s vice president of diversity, equity, inclusion, and multicultural affairs, addressed the incident after it happened three months ago.

“This week, Bloomington was sadly reminded that anti-Asian hate is real and can have painful impacts on individuals and our community,” Wimbush said, according to CBS News. “No one should face harassment or violence due to their background, ethnicity or heritage. Instead, the Bloomington and IU communities are stronger because of the vast diversity of identities and perspectives that make up our campus and community culture.”