On today’s (April 6) episode of “Big Facts,” Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade held a challenging conversation with Chinese Kitty. The Chinese-Guyanese socialite is best known for her nightlife presence and viral moments on social media. However, instead of being considered an influencer, nowadays she prefers to be addressed as an artist or rapper. Her love life and relationships were heavy topics of discussion during which various perspectives and disagreements were unpacked.

Prior to joining the music scene, the New York native had a brief stint on the famed reality TV show “Love and Hip Hop: Miami.” She mentioned the experience is one that she regrets, as it wasn’t the best fit for her. “It was just too much. If you didn’t have a love interest, you had to be fighting. If you weren’t fighting, you had to be the friend that listens to everybody’s problems. I don’t fit in any of these categories,” the budding rapper admitted. As Kitty makes her transition into music, she revealed that female rappers like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj inspire her the most. The rising star looks forward to one day collaborating with dope artists in the industry like Latto, Coi Leray, Drake and Cardi B as she continues to perfect her craft and grow a fan base. DJ Scream inquired about what she considers a win in her career. “A win [for me] is when you go to the club and everybody’s just lipping the lyric, like damn my s**t really going like that?” she responded.

Her new track “Boy Ain’t Mine” fluently resonates with the theme of her “Big Facts” interview. Regarding her relationship status, Chinese Kitty revealed that she is currently single and has a few requirements for someone to be her man, such as being intellectual. “People have so many superficial conversations; I like to have deep convos. Can we talk about history or what’s going on in the world? Really and truly, I like [having] a friend more than anything,” she said. Big Bank asked if she could be with someone who had every quality she was looking for but didn’t have any money. “If I’m grinding, going after the money, and ambitious, then the n**ga I’m dating has to be on the same s**t,” the artist concluded.

Furthermore, there were several moments of conversation about relationships and the sexes that many listeners will probably find debatable. For example, Big Bank and DJ Scream agreed that a woman receiving a “Happy Birthday” text from an ex equates to a man physically cheating. “And this is why the ‘Boy Ain’t Mine’,” exclaimed the aspiring rapper, plugging her latest track. When it came to the subjects of communication, expectations and loyalty, there was a clear divide between the men and women in the room. DJ Scream and Big Bank agreed on theoretical situations and ideas that Chinese Kitty and Baby Jade passionately opposed.

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