On Sunday (March 26), a TikTok user named Nejah Chayane posted a six-minute clip of an encounter with who some may deem a “Karen.” The video began after a verbal confrontation had already ensued, and showed the young Black woman being refused entry onto an elevator in the building where she lives.

Although the two were talking over one another, the white woman was heard yelling, “Get the f**k out of here” within the first few seconds of the footage. Chayane never appeared on camera but recorded her neighbor standing in the elevator’s entryway, stopping its doors from closing. Inside the elevator was a cart and the woman was restraining her leashed dog. The TikToker explained that she was trying to get upstairs to her apartment after returning home from a long day of work.

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“I’m going to send this to the office because this is ridiculous. I live here,” Chayane said after repeatedly asking if she could enter the elevator. Seconds after the neighbor confessed she was walking her dog and taking out her trash, she claimed she had an issue with mobility. “You want me to go with a broken foot you dumb a**? There’s stairs over there,” the neighbor replied. The argument went on for several minutes before Chayane stopped recording. Since the confrontation was uploaded to TikTok days ago, it’s already generated over three million views. It was shared on Twitter, too.

“Even her dog is like, ‘Seriously, you really gonna do this?'” one person said of the interaction. Others noticed the woman was inconsiderate of other residents in the building: “She’s holding up the elevator not just from the woman recording but everyone else on other floors that may be trying to get down.” Another wrote, “This woman is not only inconveniencing the lady taking the video but anyone else in that apartment building trying to get on that elevator right then. What if someone upstairs was having an emergency and needed to get out ASAP? Or [an] actual disabled person trying to leave?” In an update, Chayane revealed she did call the police that same evening and they arrived about 10 minutes later. After also speaking with her building’s leasing office, the young woman learned this isn’t her neighbor’s first time causing a disturbance.

See the clips and comments below.

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