A Mississippi news anchor has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after reciting one of Snoop Dogg’s most popular phrases during a live broadcast. Barbie Bassett and her use of “Fo shizzle, my nizzle” did more than raise eyebrows when she used it to punctuate playful commentary about Snoop.

The poor choice of words played out during a March 8 broadcast but became a major talking point on social media this weekend. In the clip circulated online, WLBT anchor Wilson Stribling joked that a colleague may follow Martha Stewart’s lead by getting a tattoo inspired by the West Coast rap icon. Bassett quickly quipped, “Fo shizzle, my nizzle.” Also at the anchor desk alongside Stribling and Bassett was meteorologist Patrick Ellis, who had a seemingly stunned facial expression after the remark was made.

While the station has not formally addressed the flub, viewers have concluded that Bassett may have faced disciplinary action because she has not been on-air since the incident and is no longer listed as a member of the WLBT news team on their website. “As I am sure you can understand, WLBT is unable to comment on personnel matters,” Ted Fortenberry, the station’s regional vice president and general manager, told The Post on Saturday (March 25).

A wide-range of reactions to the clip have appeared on social media, where people have mostly found the ordeal comical. “Losing your job for saying ‘Fo shizzle, my nizzle’ is WILDLY hilarious, lmao,” wrote one person. “Keep it at Fo shizzle and I’m sure she’s all good. We know who my nizzle is, and I’ll be d**ned if somebody who ain’t my nizzle says nizzle on live TV,” wrote another individual. And others are, well, confused by the hype all together, as they suggest that nizzle literally translates to friend. Snoop has yet to publicly share what is sure to be a hilarious take on the matter.

Still, peep a few of the reactions below.