After laying low for the past few years on the music front, Tori Kelly has officially made her grand return. Over the weekend, the R&B savant shared her latest single, “missin u.” The offering marks her debut with Epic Records and also arrived paired with a Marc Klasfeld-directed music video. The track is produced by and co-written with Jon Bellion, and finds Kelly crooning about missing good times with a past lover:

“I remember better days, I’d be like, ‘Hey, boy, come on right around’/ And you did, and you did, and you did, you always met me there, we were young, we were dumb, yeah, we had a good run/ But now, I’m off that, I’m off that riesling, out in these streets, deleting what you mean to me/ Then you pop back, back in my mind, I go back in time, it was the perfect night”

The California-born songstress stormed onto the R&B scene with her debut 2016 album, Unbreakable Smile. That project housed features from names like Ed Sheeran, LL Cool J, and Daye Jack across 16 songs. More recently, she can be heard featured on tracks like “Name” by Justin Bieber, “Real Thing” by Pink Sweat$, and more.

In a recent interview, Kelly explained her intentions behind the new single. “This song is about missing somebody, but it’s also just so inspired by the early 2000s and late ’90s. We wanted to make sure that we got that nostalgic feeling both in the lyrics and in the music. I just knew, ‘Okay, when people listen to this, I want them to be transported. I want them to think about that era or just that nostalgic feeling, whatever that is for them,'” she said.

Be sure to press play on Tori Kelly’s brand new “missin u” music video down below.