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  /  03.20.2023

Twitter has been in an uproar since Donald Glover’s thriller “Swarm” was released for streaming on March 17 on Amazon Prime Video. From watching Marissa (Chlöe Bailey) and Khalid’s (Damson Idris) widely discussed sex scene in the opening minutes of episode one to Paris Jackson’s guest appearance seemingly going over everyone’s head, “Swarm” has generated a lot of buzz. But one of the most intriguing conversations yet on the social media platform surrounds Dominique Fishback’s character Dre, an obsessed fan in Houston who goes to extreme lengths for her favorite R&B singer.

In episode three, Dre goes to Daython’s house after he comments on Ni’Jah, the famous artist. She hit him with a hammer, and he fell. As he attempted to crawl away from her, Dre repeatedly asked, “Who’s your favorite artist?” Daython finally responded to her and said, “Lil Gibble.” Dre then demonstrated just how obsessed with Ni’Jah she is by comparing stats between the two celebrities.

“How many Grammys does Lil Gibble have?” Dre asked. “I don’t know,” Daython responded as his voice trembled. “None!” Dre continued as she followed him with the hammer in her hand. “Ni’Jah has 26. Do you think Lil Gibble is better than Ni’Jah? He is not. [Lil Gibble] is a pedophile who uses the same melody for every song. He couldn’t write a hit song without a feature to save his life. He is nothing. But Ni’Jah, she’s everything.”

Dre then stood over Daython and told him that he think’s he’s too good for Ni’Jah, which he quickly denied. But she then brought up a comment he made about Ni’Jah not being able to keep a man happy. When he tried to deny it again, Dre showed him the proof on her phone before aggressively hitting him with the hammer.

Viewers were shocked by the “Swarm” scene. So much so that they took to Twitter to share their reactions to the now iconic question, “Who’s your favorite artist?” Check out some of the responses to the scene below:



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