You ever have that one friend who just won’t let you live anything down? Last week, Omar Epps appeared on “The Daily Show” with host Marlon Wayans, and the comedian couldn’t help, but share an embarrassing prank that the late Tupac played on Epps when the two co-starred in the 1992 film Juice. Now, the clip is going viral.

“Me, him and Tupac Shakur was hangin’ out ‘cause y’all did Juice together,” Wayans recalled in front of the studio audience. “And Omar’s sleeping like this,” the host said as he reenacted the snoozing actor’s body language with his eyes and mouth wide open. “Are we really gonna bring this up?” Epps asked as he laughed. Eager to share the story, Wayans continued, “And what people don’t know about Pac is Pac is like a, he was a funny dude.” But what happened next may have come as a surprise to fans.

“So, Omar’s sleeping like that. And Pac went and took his balls and put ’em out and put ’em right near Omar’s mouth, so it looked like Omar was like this,” the funnyman said as he reiterated that Epps’ mouth was open. While they both laughed, the Love & Basketball star admitted he didn’t think the prank was funny at the time. “I was mad at Pac for that, though. I was super mad. Like yo, son, you really gonna do that?” Epps shared. However, he seemed to be grateful the joke happened decades ago because nowadays it’s hard to escape the wrath of the internet.

“If somebody takes they nuts out next to your mouth while you sleep like that, that can, that woulda went viral right now. This is when we used to take Polaroids,” Epps noted of the early ‘90s prank. “Yeah, but see, you should have just woke up like that, bop, and just hit ’em one time,” Wayans added before telling the audience about a rough-housing move the friends would do. “Then we’d just do like this, like a speed bag,” the White Chicks actor said while pretending to hit a punching bag.

Check out one of their classic scenes below.