On Friday (March 3), Kenny Mason unveiled his latest single, “100 or Nun,” a COUPE-produced effort that features Tony Shhnow. Over a clever flip of H-Town’s “Knockin’ da Boots,” the two collaborators rap about their hectic lives post-fame and fortune, particularly in regard to women.

“I’m back in the six on nine s**t, ride with that pistol on my hip, started to notice your vibe switched, started to notice your side switched, soon as my bank account size did, my name ringing bells, and you chimed in, I’m straight outta h**l with that fye, she straight outta heaven, divine, I just fell in love with a bi chick, in love with the fact that she like chicks, in love with that a** and them thighs, hips, еyes, lips…”

The accompanying clip for “100 or Nun” comes courtesy of Caleb Jermale. Viewers can see Mason and Shhnow taking over stages and catching vibes as the electrifying artists they are.

“100 or Nun” is taken from 3, named for the three tracks that it contains. In September of 2022, Mason liberated his most recent full-length offering, RUFFS, a 16-song effort with additional features from DavidTheTragic, Young Nudy, and Jean Dawson. In addition, he could be heard on songs like JID’s “Stick” and Powers Pleasant’s “Overseas.”

In an interview with KOLOR Magazine, Mason opened up about staying focused on his rap career for 10 years pre-fame.

“It was tough because I had my family and s**t, and they really didn’t want me to rap. I basically had to sneak around and skip school to record and make songs on my own. Then when I graduated high school, I was pretty much like, ‘I’m not going go to school. I’m going to work, and buy my own equipment and record.’ And that’s what I did.”

Press play on “100 or Nun” below.