A Pennsylvania woman is eating her words when she could’ve just eaten her food. On Feb. 23, Rita Bellew entered Amy’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant in Hatboro and became highly offended that the establishment had the television set to a Spanish channel. From there, she began verbally assaulting the business’ owner Omar Quiñones, according to the PhillyVoice.

The interaction was caught on camera and uploaded to various social media platforms. While standing at the pizzeria counter, the Pennsylvania woman made it clear her family has lived in the area for “200 years.” She continued, “You wanna come [and put] Spanish on your TV,” before being cut off by Quiñones. “What’s wrong with that?” he calmly asked. Bellew responded, “What’s wrong with that ‘cause you’re not American, dude. I will look you the f**k up and get you the f**k out of our town, okay?” The irate woman rolled her sleeves up as she continued her rant.

“F**k you. Give me my money back. I’m not giving my money to some illegal immigrant… You’re in America. You’re supposed to learn English,” Bellew added. The choice of television programming angered her so much that during her over-two-minute tirade, she told Quiñones that having Spanish playing was “a ‘f**k you’ to Americans.”

The Amy’s Pizzeria employee turned away from the conversation briefly to ask a coworker if they were filming the confrontation. Eventually, the female employee who was recording interjected and informed the woman of her racist behavior. Just over a week later, Bellew came to terms with her actions.

On Friday (March 3), Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele and Hatboro Police Chief James E. Gardner announced the 55-year-old was charged with ethnic intimidation and harassment. Authorities arrived at Amy’s Pizzeria and were able to de-escalate the situation. According to the press release, “Bellew [was] berating the staff of the restaurant with a profane, racially fueled tirade. Bellew was apparently triggered, at least, in part, by a Spanish broadcast being shown on a television in the restaurant.”

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