Lately, it’s been pretty easy to catch Boosie Badazz having discussions on podcasts. At one point, it seemed almost guaranteed that you could hear his opinion weekly. Turns out, there’s strategic reasoning behind the Baton Rouge native’s love for conversation.

During an Instagram Live last week, the 40-year-old revealed that while club hosting may be lucrative, when he gets paid to “sit on a couch [and] talk,” fewer safety hazards are involved. In previous years, rappers like Fabolous and Ice-T have regarded careers in hip hop as “the most dangerous job in America.” In 2020, Fab shared on Instagram that many artists “become famous, make millions of dollars, change their lifestyle… and [somehow] still end up dead or in jail.” Could it be possible that Boosie agrees?

“Man, when I could make 30, 40 thousand to sit on a couch to talk? That’s way safer than that club with all them guns in that b**ch,” he said during a portion of the video. Boosie continued, noting that when having his paid discussions, he’s “in front of somebody who ain’t gon’ hurt me. I think y’all should be happy I’m doing podcasts. I’mma live longer doing podcasts. Way less dangerous doing podcasts.” While speaking to his virtual audience on the stream, he explained that although there’s a difference in pay, he’s content with the option that brings him peace of mind.

“Would you rather do a show for 60 [thousand] or a podcast for 45 [thousand]? I made that decision the other day. I took the 45 over the 60,” the “Wipe Me Down” rapper shared. “The 60 I have to pay for flights, hotels. Going to a dangerous a** city. S**t ‘bout being careful, man. I could sit 45 minutes on a couch and just talk s**t. Forty-something thousand dollars. That’s a blessing, bruh,” the “Loose As a Goose” hitmaker concluded. His loyal supporters seem fine with his reasoning. “Can’t blame Boosie for being safe, kids need a dad around. Way too many out here without one in their life,” one fan tweeted in response to the video clip.