Last week, hip hop newcomer Lola Brooke announced a legendary deal with an iconic brand — Timberland. The New York rapper made it official with the unofficial shoe of the state in an all-new ad campaign.

To celebrate hip hop turning 50 years old this year, Timberland wanted to highlight how the genre and the brand have gone hand-in-hand for almost a lifetime. “The Original Timberland Boot and hip hop were born in 1973 — that’s 50 years of an iconic combination. Hip hop has impacted our brand enormously over the past five decades, so we’re proud to present Brooklyn [emcee] Lola Brooke, who is one of the voices carrying hip hop into the next 50 years, in the Timberland Hip Hop Royalty Boot,” a post on the company’s Instagram account began. The 29-year-old also appears in the promo.

“This is not a boot. This is how we thrive. It’s truth in living color where the art comes alive,” Brooke said as images of New York and the newly designed shoe popped across the screen. “This is the cipher circling around the globe. Every gender, every nation adding to the flow. No limits to the vision. We defy definition. This is not a boot, it’s 50 years of ambition,” the “Don’t Play With It” artist rhymed in the clip. Timberland added that the new footwear “pays tribute to the four pillars of hip hop — DJing, MCing, graffiti, breakdancing and Sedgwick Ave, in The Bronx, New York, the place it all started.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, in January, hip hop pioneer Lil Kim also saw something special in Brooke when she asked the rising star to join her on stage during a performance at the Apollo Theater. “Lil Kim brought me out at the Apollo! This my first time ever at the Apollo. I never in life been here! I can’t believe this s**t, mannn! Can’t wait to go home and f**king cry. I need some space to myself ‘cuz wtf yo!” Brooke tweeted in reference to the opportunity after the show. For now, the “Here I Come” hitmaker is gearing up to take the SXSW stage in Austin, Texas on March 16. We’re wishing her all the best in 2023 and beyond!