Today (Feb. 18), Cam’ron broke the sad news to fans that his mother, Fredericka Giles, has passed away at the age of 67. In a lengthy, heartfelt post, he shared that social media was a highlight of Giles’ days, so it was only right that he inform her followers of her death.

“I’m so sad to inform you guys of her passing. I wasn’t going to share this because I’m in a lot of pain and didn’t think it was anyone’s business, but thinking about it, I really wanted to thank you all for making my mom’s days and nights for the last decade or so,” he began.

The caption continued, “Social media was her go-to for entertainment, news, general gossip, etc. She would send me anything she thought I should know, about me or not, good or bad.” The “Hey Ma” rapper revealed that his mother was hospitalized for an unspecified health concern around the time of his birthday, Feb. 4. She transitioned four days later. The post’s carousel of photos showed some of the happier times Cam’ron shared with his mother from childhood through the late ’90s.

In her last post, on Jan. 29, Giles celebrated her son’s performance at the Apollo Theater, proving that she was and will always be his biggest fan. While the Harlem-bred emcee shared that he did not have the strength to express everything his mother meant to him, he did manage to reflect on the times she demanded he let her social media friends into his shows and the many times she stunned him with her use of updated slang terms. “People would say, ‘Cam, I know you’re writing ya mom’s captions,’ and I wasn’t. I would see my mom’s captions and say, ‘Where are you learning this (lingo)?’ She’[d] tell me, ‘Be easy lil homie,’ lol.”

The Diplomats co-founder also disclosed that Giles suffered a stroke in 2007 that left her partially paralyzed on her right side but noted that no one would ever know, as she remained “witty, funny, intelligent, sarcastic, and outspoken.”

In closing, Cam’ron wrote, “This message is really for y’all guys (her social media friends). Thank you all for liking, loving, and appreciating my mom. My biggest supporter, best friend, and mom @virgie_og,” and shared information about a viewing scheduled to take place next Thursday (Feb. 23).

Cam’ron’s touching tribute to his mother is shared below.