Today (Feb. 16), the “Big Facts” crew welcomed Erica Duchess for an all-new episode. Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade had a gut-busting conversation with the West Atlanta comedian at the Trap Music Museum. Big E discussed the new levels she plans to explore in her career as she gains more attention, managing her finances as a budding entrepreneur, her love life, and the overall blessing of getting paid to bring other people joy.

A rental car associate walked into her purpose after a stern manager told her that she was missing her calling as a comedian. Duchess immediately did an amateur night at UBar after that conversation, and life as she knew it was never the same. Born and raised in Atlanta, she also recalled a show in Tennessee that confirmed her dreams. “I did a show and got a standing ovation. Them people lined up like we was at church and said, ‘We just want to sow into your gift.’ I broke down to my knees and started crying.” She exclaimed how moved and grateful she was to have the attendees show monetary appreciation for her talent.

The mother of three explained to the “Big Facts” family that the hustle does get difficult at times. “I’m so used to working a corporate job, I knew I was going to get a check every Friday. But I can’t do that with [comedy] because somebody might not call until next month.” The entrepreneur explained that she had to learn the discipline of saving money, being more frugal, and working with what she already has. She tickled the crew as she hilariously admitted to reading her daughter’s diary and seeing a sentence that said, “We poor now.” Although the comedian is learning how to manage her newfound wealth, she has treated herself to a new Mercedes-Benz simply because she could, coming up a long way from her Honda Civic.

In the male-dominated industry of comedy, the rising entertainer stated that she’s had to overcome being put in a box. “A lot of people don’t like female comedians. I done had a lot of n**gas say, ‘Man, them females just not funny to me,’” Duchess admitted. However, she exuded confidence in her craft as she dubbed herself the “Stand-up Queen” of the industry. “Anytime you put me on the stage, they going to remember Erica Duchess. And I’m still breaking barriers,” she added. The “Big Facts” family gave her, her flowers and told her how thrilled they are about all that she’s conquered thus far.

The comedian told the gang that her motivation to keep thriving is life itself. “Just right now being here with y’all, man, I’m geeked. B**ch, I’m on ‘Big Facts,’ stop playing with me. That’s what motivates me. God loves me. This ain’t nothing but favor!” Duchess insisted.

Furthermore, Big Bank inquired about her love life, to which she responded that she is just having fun. The lovey-dovey, down-to-earth star thought a relationship was what she wanted but transparently admitted, “That s**t just ain’t working for me.” She explained to Big Bank that some men are concerned about dating a female comedian because of what she may say onstage. “I ain’t going to talk about you if you treat me good. But if you break up with me and it was ugly, I’m going to talk about you onstage,” Duchess admitted. She was recently married and quickly divorced after a small ceremony in Vegas following four short months of dating a man she compared to Derrick Jaxn. “He tried to trick me!” the rising star exclaimed. She insisted that falling in love is a distraction and makes people lose focus.

Erica Duchess continues to trailblaze in her new career as she works on innovative approaches to stand-up and getting back into skits. She spoke lightly of a show on Tubi that she is cultivating but decided not to go into detail in order to preserve the security of the new venture.

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