On Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), Tony Yayo liberated a new body of work titled The Loyal, which contains 12 dope cuts and additional features from Nems, TyDaG, Pressa, and fellow G-Unit alum Lloyd Banks. The project was led by the well-received single “Clown You When You’re Down.” Shortly after The Loyal‘s release, Yayo shared his appreciation for his longtime fans. “Thank you to everyone who has supported throughout this journey and all of the people who made this possible,” he stated in an Instagram post.

Today (Feb. 15), Yayo decided to keep his momentum going with a new visual for “Banksy Painting,” a DJ Relentt-produced offering that’s based on the “So Seductive” rapper’s street affiliations and current wealth.

“You can throw your little gang signs, stab you 33 times, Forgi’s on the G-Wag, 33 each rim, big stepper when I’m steppin’ out, you do it for the likes, you do it for the clout, I do it for the lifer n**gas never gettin’ out, Banksy painting is a half a million in my new house…”

Directed by StreetHeat’s WillC and Richie 4K, the accompanying clip shows Yayo riding around abandoned buildings in a hearse. While that’s taking place, a woman finds out about her lover’s infidelity in a separate location. As that story unfolds, she finds a knife for her revenge, leading to a gruesome and deadly outcome.

It’s been 18 years since Yayo dropped his debut LP, Thoughts of a Predicate Felon, a commercially successful effort with a wealth of contributions from 50 Cent, Eminem, Olivia, Kokane, Joe, and more. Since then, the Queens veteran continued to release music to the masses, both as a member of G-Unit and as an independent solo artist. Prior to The Loyal, he liberated El Chapo 3: The Great Escape in 2016. Check out Yayo’s new mixtape and aforementioned visual below.