Today (Feb. 10), Kyle The Hooligan returns with a new single titled “Camry,” a Matt O’Neil-produced offering that sees the rising star putting an end to a toxic situation in order to facilitate growth:

“She don’t understand me, wanting to be free, you felt betrayed, you was wit’ me since the Camry, I want it all, wanted my family, I want it all, but she don’t understand me, guess I’m the bad guy after all…”

The accompanying visual comes courtesy of 12vy and Midnight Collective. Matching the song’s subject matter, viewers can spot Kyle pouring his heart out to his love interest, played by Courtney Allegra. In one, the two argue with each other while riding around in an old Toyota Camry.

“Camry” follows a string of quality singles from Kyle The Hooligan over the past few years. In 2022 alone, his consistent run of loose drops included “Say My Name,” “Highs and Loews,” “Siamese,” “Enemies,” “Love Me Not,” “Brand New Bentley,” “Monte Carlo,” “Six Speed,” “6 Am,” and “Tennessee.” Over the summer, he also teamed up with Teflon Saga for the six-song EP Far From Paradise. Just prior to 2023’s arrival, he made serious waves with “Cocaine Cowboys,” another melodic offering centered around Kyle’s attempts to pull away from a committed relationship in order to take on the rockstar lifestyle.

Previously, Kyle The Hooligan was the voice behind disgraced AI rapper FN Meka. In an exclusive interview with REVOLT, he opened up about the unfortunate experience, revealing that he wasn’t even properly compensated for his work:

“The only thing that ever came was from the song ‘Moonwalkin’.’ It probably did like $500 in three years because they put me on the DistroKid — a percentage on the DistroKid — but not from any of the TikToks, the overall things… I was promised equity in the character.”

Press play on Kyle The Hooligan‘s “Camry” video below.