Mixtapes are a very important aspect of hip hop — and have been for generations. In more ways than not, they changed the rap game for the better. With the resurgence of mixtapes at hand, Jim Jones wanted to set the record straight on who kicked off the entire movement. Many people believe that it was 50 Cent and his G-Unit collective that spearheaded the crusade, but according to Jimmy, it was really Dipset. In a lengthy interview with the “Flip Da Script” podcast, Capo cleared the air over who kicked off the wave of mixtapes from rap collectives that dominated the streets in the early 2000s.

“Let’s get this right and I’m going to keep it all the way a buck,” Jones said. “We started the mixtape movement, right? And it wasn’t a crew mixtape. We were making real albums and putting them out as mixtapes. G-Unit was doing replays of other people’s beats and making mixtapes.” He continued, “It was a big difference. We were using our mixtapes as albums to promote our real albums, and off those mixtapes, we were taking singles that the people started loving and started putting them on our real albums. But even in that, we put the Dipset mixtape out first before G-Unit put their mixtape out. Now go Google it.”

The Diplomats and G-Unit both released their first mixtape in 2002, with Diplomats Volume 1 coming out before G-Unit’s 50 Cent is the Future that summer. Both tapes laid down the path for the groups to reach superstardom and elevate the leaders of the respective collectives, Cam’ron and 50 Cent. Whether you agree with Jim Jones‘ point or not, look at the bigger picture. It is dope to witness two of the best rap groups of all time being able to share this honor in 2023.