Around 11 a.m. on Tuesday (Jan. 17), a plane crash near Yoakum, Texas claimed the lives of four people. The sole survivor was Lead Pastor Dr. Kennon Vaughan of Harvest Church in Germantown, Tennessee.

The church confirmed the news in a Facebook post and has given several daily updates since the tragedy. Executive Pastor Bill Garner, Elder Steve Tucker; and members Tyler Patterson and Tyler Springer were killed in the plane crash. Vaughan, who is married with five boys, remains hospitalized in Texas. According to Tennessee news station Action 5, Tucker owned the plane and was a pilot. Sgt. San Miguel, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety, told reporters, “For reasons that are still unknown, the pilot was attempting or preparing to land at Lavaca County Airport when it crashed in this open field.”

In the initial post speaking of the deceased, the church said, “All were beloved members of Harvest Church and their loss currently leaves us without the proper words to articulate our grief.” It then mentioned the surviving pastor: “As of our last report, Kennon Vaughan is in stable condition in a Texas hospital. We ask for your prayers and kindly request that the families of all involved are given the proper space to grieve at this time. We will provide more information as it is received. We covet your prayers.”

A follow-up post revealed the pastor “suffered some significant internal injuries that called for surgery,” but made it through. The following day they announced he was now “breathing on his own” and prayed for a full recovery. In a Facebook update from yesterday (Jan. 19), the church revealed Vaughan was now able to sit up without assistance for a few hours and that his wife has remained at his side. They asked for continued prayers as he heals mentally and physically. A memorial service for Garner, a grandfather of nine, is scheduled for tomorrow (Jan. 21) at 1 p.m.