With the cost of living rising and the paychecks of many employers failing to reflect that, Florida resident Diane Thomas recently fell on hard times. In a plea for help, last week, she shared her story with local West Palm Beach news station WPTV 5. To her surprise, a viewer (who has chosen to remain anonymous) went above and beyond to help.

“I do work. I work, but it’s a little over my price [range] right now,” Thomas said in last week’s interview. Yesterday (Jan. 12), the news station revealed that the good samaritan who saw her story reached out to WPTV 5 to help. The unnamed person arranged for the working woman to stay in a Royal Palm Beach hotel for a week. A reporter for the Florida station spoke with Thomas to see how things were going so far. “For these couple days, I promise you, I have felt better than I have felt in the last six months. I slept for two days. I took a hot shower… [There’s] still good people out here,” she shared.

The unidentified person has exchanged several emails with the news station, noting that in the meantime, he is working with a relative who is a real estate broker to find an affordable place in the Florida area for Thomas to live. Although she has no clue who is helping her, she remains grateful. “I’m really in a situation right now. So I need help and I thank y’all for everything,” the longtime Florida resident said. And it’s not just rising rents that are causing concern — the price of groceries has skyrocketed as well.

Earlier this month, Cardi B hopped on social media to bring attention to the soaring prices after noticing lettuce was $6 in her neighborhood. The “Money” rapper said she felt compelled to speak out “‘cause if I think that s**t is crazy, I could only imagine what middle-class people or people in the hood is motherf**king thinking… and I have a big platform, so I do want anybody that’s responsible [for] these f**king prices to put that s**t the f**k down.”