Gabrielle Union is now happily married to Dwyane Wade, and has always been transparent about her relationship opinions, lessons, and experiences. The successful actress stopped by the Armchair Expert podcast for their most recent episode released yesterday (Jan. 2) and opened up to host Dax Shepard about several life matters.

When the topic of cheating came up, Union candidly spoke about her experience with infidelity when she was married to NFL player Chris Howard from 2001 to 2006. “In our first marriage, neither one of us felt like the marriage should get in the way of our dating,” Union told Shepard. She then insinuated that he was the one who initiated the back-and-forth. “A part of it was keeping up with his activities and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s what you’re doing? Oh, you’re gonna feel this one,'” she continued.

The “Being Mary Jane” star then delved into some of the reasons she felt her actions were justified at the time and where she thinks her behavior stemmed from. “I just felt entitled to it, as well. I was paying all the bills. I was working my a** off and I felt like that’s what comes, the spoils of riches. Like my dad before me, whoever has the most gets to do whatever the hell they want, is what I thought,” she said. “It was just dysfunctional from day one.”

As the conversation went further, the actress shared that she realized she was missing something within herself and became “horny for validation and having certain kinds of guys like me and want me” and wanted to “feel like I was worthy and good and valuable and deserving.”

Union concluded by saying how even their marriage therapist at the time wasn’t exactly on board with how the partnership was going. “It was such a stupid relationship that should have never gotten out of the dating phase,” she said. “We were gifted therapy and the first session, the therapist was like, ‘I don’t know how you guys made it out of the dating phase.’ And we should probably look for a way to amicably [divorce] because we have not one thing in common.”