As Summer Walker prepares to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world, the R&B superstar revealed that Erykah Badu will serve as her doula for the second time.

In a post shared to Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 18), Walker shared photos alongside her fellow songstress as the two prepare for the delivery of her baby. “Always surrounded by healers,” wrote the Still Over It crooner in a caption. Previously, Badu opened up about the crossroads between making music and helping women throughout the birth process. “It’s all love,” she said in an interview with the International Doula Institute. “I think they all come from the same place, all of the work that I do, music, being a doula, being a parent. it all comes from a place of sincerity.”

Check out Walker’s Instagram post below.

Walker isn’t the first singer that Badu has offered her doula services to. In 2020, she oversaw Teyana Taylor’s home birth of her second child with husband Iman Shumpert. “Now that Rue Rose is here, time to charge up some baby shirts, let’s go,” said the “Window Seat” singer at the time. “I remember reading that Emoto said that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. The intention could change the cellular patterns. Why not with words on shirts? Turning the shirt inside out and writing a message of calmness or peace or healing could do the same thing. I imagine that the cells mimic the intent of words, so I decided to charge it even more with the sunlight and crystals.”

Following the post with Walker, Badu also revealed that she is currently assisting her daughter, Puma Sabti Curry, with her training to become a certified doula. “Peace, peace, meet the welcoming committee,”wrote Badu in a clip alongside the 18-year-old. “Mother-Daughter doula duty. Today, I am training a very capable doula who is shadowing me while we assist a mommy in labor with twins.”

Watch the clip below.