Donald Glover is set to add his musical flair to an upcoming Spider-Man-adjacent movie. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported on Friday (Dec. 16) that Glover signed on to star in and produce Sony’s future flick about the superhero’s universe.

However, the creative mastermind will not be donning the signature blue-and-red-webbed suit; instead, he is portraying the purple-clad, guitar-toting 1970s Hypno-Hustler. The villainous character and his band, the Mercy Killers, use their music to hypnotize and rob audiences. Not much else is known about the upcoming project that is slated to be written by Myles Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s son. According to a THR source, “Glover sparked to the musical aspect of the character and the fact that he has less Marvel canon baggage, freeing him to greater interpretations. The project could be anything from a disco period piece to a reimagined modern hip hop version or even a cyberpunk future play.”

In 2015, the comedian spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about his name being thrown into the hat as the next actor to possibly portray Peter Parker on the big screen. “Of course I would always be honored to play Spider-Man… I love Spider-Man. I just want it to be dope. If they ask me, if it’s a thing, of course,” he said. As fans of the comic know, Glover ended up being the voice of Miles Morales in the Disney XD animated series “The Ultimate Spider-Man.” He also appeared as Aaron Davis, better known as the villain Prowler, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Glover is currently keeping busy with production on the Mr. and Mrs. Smith reboot. After a two-year hiatus, the Guava Island star finally wrapped up the final two seasons of his hit show “Atlanta” in November. Ahead of the finale, Glover, who played Earnest “Earn” Marks, spoke about his reason for ending the show. “The story was always supposed to be what it was. And the story, it really was us. Everybody in that writers’ room, everybody on set, it really was what we were going through and what we talked about. I think it ends perfectly,” he said at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.