A new class based around the life and career of Nipsey Hussle will soon be making its way to a Los Angeles institution. Yesterday (Dec. 14), the late rapper’s longtime business partner, David Gross, announced that he will be instructing a new course titled “The Marathon Continues: Building Brand Through Culture” at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration during the spring 2023 semester. Taking to social media, he broke down what enrolled students will be learning, stating that his lessons would “focus on Hussle’s genius and authenticity in his approach to business and life.” He also reflected on a previous course that Hussle taught prior to his passing:

“I gotta give flowers to Mitchell Hamilton, a tenured professor and the head of the marketing department at Loyola Marymount’s business school. He reached out to me and Nip in 2017 and asked if we’d teach a class at the business school. He gave us carte blanche with the caveat that we were authentic and didn’t water anything down because we were in a university environment. The class was a hit, and it led to a second class the following semester. This was spring of 2019, so we never got to finish the class.”

Gross continued: “Mitch has reached out to me several times in the following years, extending the opportunity to return and teach another class. He always told me I could teach whatever I wanted if it would both challenge and inspire his students… It’s finally time to go back this spring to teach a class that honors Nip’s enormous legacy and analyzes how he was able to put a dent in the universe by creating the most resonant brand to come out of the culture.”

Check out David Gross‘ Instagram post (complete with bittersweet photos of Hussle) below.