On Monday (Dec. 12) night, after Kehlani finished the European leg of her “Blue Water Road Trip Tour,” the singer revealed she was sexually assaulted during one of her concerts.

She took it to her Instagram Story to speak on what happened. Kehlani said while leaving a show, a fan inappropriately touched her as her security guard escorted her through the crowd.

“I’ve made video, after video, after video, and deleted it because I don’t want any video of me as angry, triggered, crying upset as I am anywhere,” wrote the singer in a Story post that has now been deleted. “I don’t care how sexual you deem my music, my performances, my fun with my friends dancing at clubs, or me.”

She continued, “That does not give any of you the right to cross a boundary like sticking your hands up my skirt and pulling my underwear to touch my genitals as I am being escorted through a crowd after performing. As a victim of sexual assault, I am endlessly triggered and mind blown.”

In 2019, Kehlani shared her experience as a sexual assault survivor on her Sunday Gems” podcast. On the show, she expressed encouraging words for victims who have shared the same experience as her.

“I don’t want to add more hurt, I don’t want to add more pain,” she said. “All I want to say is, ‘Sending love to everybody who’s on a healing path right now, and sending love to everybody who needs it. And if you’re apologizing for abuse, you’re disgusting. Suck my d**k.’”

It’s uncertain if the alleged assault happened last night, as no further details have been provided at this time.

GRM Daily praised the famous singer’s performance as “sensational.” The publication noted, “The way she interacted with the crowd in between songs was brilliant. You could sense a real genuine connection there. Kehlani didn’t waste a single second during her set, and the crowd rocked with her the whole time.”

We are keeping Kehlani in our thoughts at this time.