Today (Dec. 9), Uncle Luke had time to clear up a little misunderstanding. The rap OG uploaded a video on Instagram of Fat Joe passionately claiming to have discovered fellow rappers Trick Daddy and Pitbull. In the words of Iyanla Vanzant, the “Hoochie Mama” artist said, “Not on my watch.”

“I love Joe, but I find this very interesting because I discovered @trickdaddydollars. He did his first song with me as soon as he got [out] of the lockup and he stayed with me,” Luke began. The 61-year-old didn’t stop there. He clarified that he was also the one who “discovered [and] signed @pitbull to the platinum-selling Luke Records Label [and] he did his first songs” with him. Next, the “Face Down A** Up” artist explained why working together meant so much to him. “Because I’m from Miami, I felt the importance of signing a Cuban rapper, so I discovered him off of battle rap tapes,” he shared in his social media post.

After mentioning Joe’s account of events and saying, “Maybe I’m missing something,” Luke also revealed he had a hand in DJ Khaled’s success. “I found him on underground radio, Mix 96, [and] brought him to mainstream radio, @99jamzmiami, [for] ‘The Luke Show,’” the rap veteran said of the GOD DID artist. It didn’t take long for his followers to join in on the discussion. “Tell them, Hero. Sometimes they forget! Luke always been that dude. He was [one] of my heroes and still is. Y’all have no idea what this man fought for. The music [you] listen to today is because of his heart [and] conviction and his willingness to fight for what he believed. #FloridaBoy,” former NFL player Deion Sanders wrote in Luke’s comment section. He responded, “Thank you, Coach. One thing about us, we are trailblazers. It’s important that history speaks for itself. Love you, my brother.”

Another person agreed with Sanders, saying, “Born [and] raised in Dade county, Liberty City area, and Uncle Luke aka Luke Skywalker put Miami artists on the map.” Rick Ross also hopped in the comments and repeated a line from Luke’s post with a laughing emoji. One person wondered why Joe would put out a story that someone could easily debunk. “It’s cool to rewrite your dead homie history, but not the n**gaz who still alive,” the post read. While Joe has shared several Instagram posts on his page today, he’s yet to publicly respond to the discussion at hand.