Traveling during the holidays has been known to induce stressful moments, but one man’s offensive rant at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport took things to another level.

On Sunday (Nov. 20), bystanders captured footage of a white man pledging his allegiance to German dictator Adolf Hitler. In the recordings, the man can be seen doing the Nazi hand salute as he yells several remarks.

StopAntisemitism, a “grassroots watchdog” that exposes people who engage in antisemitic behavior, posted video clips of the outburst online and has since identified the man as Nicholas Edward Letney.

“You go to the gas chamber!” and “Race war!” were among the antisemitic statements Letney hurled out as passengers boarded the American Airlines flight that was destined for Dallas-Forth Worth. Watch footage of the outburst for yourself below.

Elsewhere in the video, an airline worker summons police via intercom as onlookers watch in astonishment as the man continues to spout more vile comments.

“The Jews got what they deserved,” Letney continued. “You’re a f**king alien. An alien and a reptilian,” he added, pointing to an individual off camera.

In a second clip, Letney is placed in handcuffs as two officers restrain him on his side. “Have you heard of the First Amendment? Yeah, so you violate that because I’m a Nazi. You’re doing this because I’m a Nazi,” he said as officers pinned him to the ground.

“You just don’t like my religion because I’m a Christian, and you’re a racist Jewish person,” the self-proclaimed Nazi added.

Among the reactions included a tweet from Jemele Hill that read: “In Germany, it’s illegal to publicly deny the Holocaust, disseminate Nazi propaganda publicly or privately, display any Nazi symbols and make supportive statements of Hitler. Just saying.”