Saweetie had the timeline buzzing with her “DON’T SAY NOTHIN'” track she dropped off yesterday (Nov. 17). The Bay Area rapper then followed up today (Nov. 18) with her surprise THE SINGLE LIFE EP, a six-track body of work that serves to update her fans about where her mindset is currently at. On one of the standout records, “HANDLE MY TRUTH,” she opens up about what she expects from the next man she gives her heart to:

“Will you care if I’m bored when the wins come? Are we keepin’ the score? My bag bigger, will you feel insecure?/ You respectin’ my space, I move slow, why you rushin’ my pace? I move fast, are you slowin’ me down?/ Wanna dig up my file, understand why I’m where I’m at now and why I choose to fight pain with a smile/ Are you here for the tokens or to interfere with my focus? (Stand with me) Or stand on my shoulders? You got love for the homeless?/ ‘Cause I once was that, you f**k up, will you fight to get my trust back?”

Saweetie’s last body of work was 2021’s Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1, which boasted tracks by Bbyafricka, Kendra Jae, and Loui. Prior to that was her 2019 EP titled ICY. That project included two appearances from Quavo across seven songs. Outside of her own releases, the “Tap In” rapper can be heard featured on recent tracks like “In My Face” by YG, “Move” by Lil Tjay, “Faking Love” by Anitta, “All She Wanna Do” by John Legend, “Baby Boo” by Muni Long, and more.

Be sure to press play on Saweetie’s brand new THE SINGLE LIFE EP down below.