Today (Nov. 17), the entire country is currently honoring Young Dolph by helping those in need within their communities. Adding to the celebration of the Memphis rapper’s short life, his estate has announced that a new album, titled Paper Route Frank, will be making landfall Dec. 9. Key Glock, Gucci Mane, and Peewee Longway are said to be confirmed features.

Before the posthumous body of work arrives, fans get to listen to a single titled “Get Away,” a Sosa 808 and Ghostrage-produced offering that, as the title and embedded sample suggest, is full of rhymes about wanting to be done with the stresses of everyday hustling:

“Got tired of rein’ up and trappin’, now a n**ga sick of rappin’, all of this s**t just too basic, my past, I wish I could erase it, my b**ch ask what I wanna do, runnin’ from the laws in the coupe, they bite everything that I do, smoke a blunt and eat me some shrooms, livin’ in hell, right here on Earth, all I do is get high and work, baby, what you doin’ on the first? She looked at me and cracked a smirk, I taste Codeine when I burp, it feel like a nigga cursed, been a while since I went to church…”

Just before the release of “Get Away,” Key Glock liberated a tribute EP to his cousin titled PRE5L, or Paper Route Empire 5 Life. As the standout cut “Die Trying” makes clear, the Yellow Tape star is all about continuing the movement that Dolph started:

“I’m smokin’ three-five to the face, .45 on my waistline, hustlin’ every day, I be workin’ overtime, n**gas still hatin’ ’cause a n**ga on his grind, these h**s ain’t worth a thing, I’ma get rich or die tryin’…”

Press play on the visualizer for “Get Away” below.