Juelz Santana recently sat down with Vlad TV to talk about his life and career. Over the weekend, a segment from that interview was revealed that saw Vlad asking the Dipset veteran about his now-mythical album with Lil Wayne, I Can’t Feel My Face. While many of the songs were eventually leaked, the ultimate reason for the joint LP’s disappearance was because of “politics” amongst the labels that both parties were signed to:

“We didn’t get to put the album out on a major label because there was too much politics at the time… You had Def Jam, Universal, Cash Money, and Diplomats, you know what I’m saying. Four different entities that had to come to one agreement and get on one accord to push a project.”

He also spoke on why the music industry’s current state allows rappers of the current generation to team up and liberate projects at will:

“The way you get projects now from big artists, you didn’t get that back in the day around our time because it was so much involved for you to get that. It was never about the artists, we were cool, we was making music together. It was way bigger than us. We didn’t have the end-all control. See, now it’s a lot less. That’s why you can have Durk and Lil Baby, you can have Gunna and this one, you can have Drake and Future.”

As far as whether or not I Can’t Feel My Face will finally make landfall, Juelz seemed to confirm a possibility to TMZ over the summer:

“All I’ma say is Wayne is my brother… We are never not working on music outside of each other, as well as together, so for us to do a I Can’t Feel My Face project is definitely not unlikely to happen.”

Check out Juelz‘s interview below.