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  /  11.15.2022

When you’re the child of a legend like Eazy-E, of course music is ingrained in your DNA.

Henree Cherron Wright, who goes by the stage name ReeMarkable, has previously opened up about following in her father’s footsteps as a musician during her appearances on “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.” However, she broke down what the journey has truly been like when she met up with REVOLT backstage during this year’s REVOLT Summit AT&T.

“Carrying a torch that is like forever lit is kind of hard because it’s hot,” ReeMarkable explained when asked if she feels as though she has big shoes to fill as an artist. “It’s kind of hard because it’s hot and I gotta stay hot to keep that going, but I feel like I’m making my own lane. I’m making my own name. Because of my father, a lot of this music is what it is due to what he allowed to happen, so I feel like now it’s my turn to create a lane for women in music to do what they want to do as well and not be subjected to stay in one lane.”

Check out ReeMarkable gracing the 2022 REVOLT Summit carpet below.


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She added how she aims to leave no stone unturned through her creativity as an artist. “I can be sexy, I want to talk about all the ratchet s**t, but then I can be a homebody and that girl next door and talk about everybody else that’s in college [and] studying is doing because I’ve been through that,” said ReeMarkable. “Or I can be a parent. I’m a mom, so I can talk about those lanes. I just feel like nowadays in hip hop, R&B, and the Black culture, it’s about being you and being unique and being real and raw.”

Despite the fact that her father passed away just shy of her 2nd birthday, ReeMarkable opened up about how she remains connected to him ’til this day. “I’m very spiritual. I don’t have a religion, but I pray to my God and God is great,” she admitted. “And I feel like God also allows me to connect to my ancestors and the people, my loved ones, that have passed. So, when it comes down to me and my music, I ask my dad for help, like, if he was here, right now to be in the studio with me, I’d be like, ‘Hey, I’m needing inspiration, I need to figure out how to do this.'”

She added, “So it’s like, I do pray to him and ask him for guidance because he’s still here for me and I feel like it’s still that spiritual connection and that he’s watching me and making sure that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. That’s why I make sure to stay on my best behavior. That’s why y’all don’t see nothing crazy about me nowhere because I know my daddy gone whoop my a** when I get up there.”


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